Holiday Gifts That Invite Calm

Holiday Gifts That Invite Calm

After the holidays are over, how great is it to exhale? Better yet, how great is it to exhale and remember that super soft throw you received as a gift is hiding under the tree waiting to be used. Whether it’s an aromatherapeutic candle or a private journal, gifts that help you get in touch with yourself post-holiday are always welcome. With that in mind, we’ve chosen these 19 pieces to help bring back the senses for someone on your list!

Super Soft Faux Fur Throw Blanket | Mindfulness Cards | Louisa May Alcott Candle from the Paddywax Library Collection | Loose Tea Section | Brass Honey Dipper | Blue Wave Mug

OK Tarot Deck by Adam J. Kurtz | Herbivore Botanicals Calm Soaking Salts | Wishes & Whimsy Notebook | Zen Sand Garden & Drawing Board | P.F. Candle Co. Golden Coast Candle


Brass Bookmark | Library Scarf | Woven Pendant Lamp | (Art behind chair) Pilgrim Print by Malissa Ryder | Velvet Wingback Chair | Gradient Puzzle |  O’s Little Book of Calm & Comfort

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Holiday Gifts That Invite Calm