Using the Meow Meow as a Mouse @msmakecode @electronicats @adafruit

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Using the Meow Meow as a Mouse @msmakecode @electronicats @adafruit

Usar El Meow Meow Como Un Mouse

Via Instructables, sabas1080 uses the new Meow Meow board as a HID Mouse for a laptop.

Hoy les voy a mostrar como usar el Meow Meow como un mouse de una manera divertida, utilizaremos algunos videojuegos para demostrar su funcionamiento y voy a explicar como utilizar MakeCode para cambiar la funcionalidad de los “bigotes” del Meow Meow.

Today, I am going to show you how to use the Meow Meow as a mouse in a fun way. We’ll use some video games to demonstrate its functioning and I’ll explain how to use MakeCode to change the functionality of the Meow Meow “whiskers”.

And any project which uses Play-Doh is fun. Easily coded in Microsoft MakeCode.

See the entire project tutorial on Instructables.

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Using the Meow Meow as a Mouse @msmakecode @electronicats @adafruit