Easy DIY: Acrylic Bench Upholstery

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Easy DIY: Acrylic Bench Upholstery


I love simple upholstery projects for updating less-than-exciting furniture pieces. We picked up this cute little bench recently and the gray poly microsuede upholstery was not doing the cool acrylic legs justice!

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You can use all sorts of fabrics to recover this bench beyond regular fabric, like flat weave rugs from IKEA or Target or vintage textiles from Etsy. A thick throw blanket would be really cool too. I had this mudcloth patterned shower curtain from Target around the studio and at $20 (on sale right now for only $13.99!!), it was a super inexpensive option for reupholstering this bench!


Whenever I’m doing an upholstery project, I always start my staples in the center. Staple one whole side of the bench, leaving a few inches on the ends.


Pull the fabric tight in the opposite direction and staple the other side of the bench, also starting in the center and working out again.


Once you’ve stapled both of the long sides, staple the short sides, also starting from the center and leaving the corners undone.


Corners can seem like the tricky part of a DIY upholstery project, and if you just bunch the fabric up and throw a ton of staples in the corners, everyone will know it was a DIY project! The trick is all in the fold! Start by pulling back the fabricand putting one staple right on the corner edge.


Then pinch the loose fabric into a tidy fold that will lay as close to corner as possible.


Do one side, staple it and fold and repeat on the other side. It should look like this when you’re finished. There shouldn’t be a ton of extra fabric and everything should lay perfectly flat with the folds!


Once all of your fabric is stapled into place, trim away the extra fabric and leave only 1/4-1/2″ so nothing hangs down.


Use a pair of sharp scissors to poke holes in the fabric and screw in the acrylic legs.



If you’re feeling like an overachiever, you can glue black ribbon on the underside of the bench to cover the staples.


Ta-dah! I love the pattern on this cute shower curtain and think it’s really cute with these acrylic legs!


And how cute is our newest print SURFBOARDS? We added it to the shop today and I love it!


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Here are all the links to the products we featured here! We also added a few links to some vintage fabrics that would work really well on this project. I hope you love this project as much as we do. Tag us on Instagram if you try this project yourself!


wall color – Behr “In the Moment”  //  faux tree  //  SURFBOARD print  //  mudcloth shower curtain 

acrylic bench  //  DO LESS print  //  buffalo check rug  //  striped kilim pillow  //  blue & white pillow

fabri-fix glue  //  staple gun  //  kilim lumbar pillow 


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Easy DIY: Acrylic Bench Upholstery